Dogs Needing Homes


All our dogs require a minimum of 2 meets, some may need more so we can go over their training needs to make sure you and the dog are comfortable and the most suitable match.

Updated 11/08/2022

** BOBBY **

Breed: Jack Russell cross

Gender: male

Age: 4

Can live with children: no

Can live with dogs: yes, I would like to live with another dog but it isn’t essential.

Can live with cats: yes

Extra requirements: female only household or with a confident man

Bobby is still looking for his special home!

Bobby has been with us for quite a while now and is looking for a very special home. Unfortunately Bobby has had a very troubled life and that reflects in his behaviour.

Although Bonnie can be cuddly and he enjoys human company, he often doesn’t like being touched and needs an owner who understands cuddles are on his terms.

Bobby does have a long bite history and has recently come back from his Foster home due to biting. Because in the past Bobby’s warning signs have been ignored he now bites first and asks questions later, although with training this has gotten much better and he will now lip raise first. That being said he does love the attention from his human and enjoys being in the same room as his people

Bobby has had a hard life and because of this is looking for a female only home, or a home with a confident male who understands Bobbie’s fear of men. Bobby has been known to bite the ankles of men whilst out on a walk so must wear a muzzle when in public, however we haven’t had this issue in a long time. Bobbie is regularly visiting the park with some of his canine pals and so far has not snapped at another human and even jumped up for treats! That being said a muzzle is still essential just incase!

He can live with dog savvy cats but would like to live with another confident dog!!! Despite all of his problems Bobby can be a very loving and very sweet boy.

Bobby takes much comfort from being around other dogs. His behaviour is much better (although he will always be a bite risk) when he has a confident canine pal with him.

Do you have the extra special home Bobby is looking for?

** WALLY **

Breed: Lurcher

Gender: Male

Age: 18 months

Can live with children: no

Can live with dogs: No, but can have dog friends on a walk

Can live with cats: no

Extra requirements: needs an experienced owner

This handsome lad is a 18 month old Lurcher who has been in our care for a while now.

Wally is a very energetic and enthusiastic young boy who is looking for a home that can meet his needs and continue his ongoing training.

He has had a troubled past having had several homes before he came into our care. Although in the past Wally has bitten due to poor handling and for asking to much of him, Wally is now much more settled and hasn’t had any bite incidents for quite some time. Wally has become much better with his issues and now has clear trigger points, making it easy to see when he is uncomfortable in a situation. Although he does have a bite history Wally has progressed hugely since being in our care, he has become an absolute cuddle monster who just loves to be with his people.

Wally wants to be involved in everything and anything, he is very inquisitive. He loves attention and loves to play, although sometimes needs to be reminded not to get too hyper!. He does like to curl up on his bed after play and be near his humans, if you’re lucky enough he’ll even lay next to you for a cuddle!!

Wally has become much better on a walk and although we still advise a muzzle on a walk, (when out in busy places) he is proving time and time again with a little direction from his handler he can walk nicely and calmly without becoming overwhelmed or needing to wear his muzzle.

Wally walks nicely on a slip lead and although he has silly moments he will calm down when told. Wally’s biggest issue is that he does not like to be held or grabbed. In the past Wally has bitten when being held however with training will now happily let you take his collar and lead him away, although he can still be unsure if suddenly grabbed.

Wally is crate trained and sleeps in his crate overnight with no issues. He can be left for a couple of hours, he is normally left in his crate with a chew. He has been known to chew things if left unsupervised, he is a giant puppy at heart and still acts like one despite his size.

He knows his basic commands, although needs further help with his recall and is very keen to learn more, he has shown us he has a brain he just needs to be helped to find it! Wally would thrive in obedience or agility classes.

Despite his previous problems he is a very playful happy boy, and loves to play with other dogs especially our other lurcher!! He absolutely loves playing with our Kennel staff and enjoys a good game of tug. Currently Wally’s favourite thing is to play in the paddling pool or to play with his friend Chester.

Wally is looking for an adult only home with owners experienced of his breed/issues. He would like to be the only pet in the household. Could you offer Wally a loving home?


Breed: Malinios Cross Lurcher

Gender: Male

Age: just under 2

Can live with children: 16+

Can live with dogs: other lurchers or large breed dog, he can have smaller dog friends if introduced properly

Can live with cats: no

Extra requirements: needs someone at home most of the time

Chester is a stunning 20 month old Mali Cross Lurcher who came in to our care through no fault of his own.

Chester has now learnt some basic manners and can do some basic training skills.

Chester absolutely adores people and would happily spend all day around his humans. He will sit on your feet for a tickle and even ask for a belly rub! Chester is very clever and needs something to keep his brain busy, when bored he can become destructive.

Chester is a bouncy lad who does still jump up at people when first meeting them, however with training this is much better and he is much calmer when meeting people. When he gets to overexcited he does still on occasion mouth although this has gotten better and if he has a toy he won’t mouth at all.

He walks well on a slip lead although does need reminding every now and then to walk nicely. Chester is a big bouncy lad who very much behaves like a puppy. He needs owners who have experience and can continue his ongoing training. Chester has known to steal things around the house and be destructive and needs an owner who can redirect his naughtiness into more sensible play. Chester enjoys playing with other dogs if introduced correctly, although he can be a bit rough.

Due to his size and hyperness he is looking for a home with people over the age of 16. He is looking for someone who is around most of the time to continue his training.

Chester is looking for a lurcher friendly home who understand that in his head he is still a giant puppy. He needs owners who are willing to put the work in as he has the potential to be an amazing family pet he just needs the continued training. He is learning to be calm and can often be found in his bed chewing his antler. He needs an active home with someone who can not only give him lots of walks but can also keep his brain active.

Chester has improved hugely since being in our care, he now needs a home to finish his training in. Cheater has been out and about meeting lots and people and dogs and learning to be calm in busy environments.

Do you have a Chester shaped hole in your life?


Breed: Springer Spaniel Cross Standard Poodle

Gender: Male

Age: 2

Can live with children: No

Can live with dogs: No but can have calm doggy friends

Can live with cats: no

Extra requirements: needs an experienced home.

Brandy is a 2 year old Sproodle. Unfortunately he is one of the many victims of being a lockdown puppy. Brandy has been poorly socialised and whilst he absolutely loves people out and about he does have a few issues. Brandy loves a cuddle and will throw himself at everyone especially when out on a walk. Unfortunately in the home he is a very different boy! Brandy was brought in due to the fact that he resource guards. This means he will steal items around the house and then try to bite when they are taken off of him. This is something we are working very hard on to fix. Brandy can also become aggressive and bite when he feels threatened. Due to his poor upbringing when he feels threatened Brandy will bite with little warning. This can simple be from someone standing to close to him whilst he is sleeping or trying to stroke him whilst standing over him. Brandy absolutely loves a cuddle but this has to be on his terms whilst he is learning to trust people. He doesn’t like it when people grab him or stand over him so interactions are best when sitting down. Brandy is a very loving boy however does have another side to him. Brandy is looking for an adult only home with no other pets although he could have calm doggy playfriends. He is looking for an owner who has experience with aggression and resource guarding and someone who is happy to continue the training currently in place. Could you offer Brandy a quiet calm experienced home?


Breed: Lurcher Age: 3 1/2

Can live with kids: no

Can live with dogs: noCan live with cats: no

Rosie is a stunning 3 and a half year old Lurcher who is seeking her perfect home!

Rosie has had a hard life and is now seeking a peaceful home where she can relax and be worry free.

Rosie adores people and loves having cuddles, she would make a very good sofa buddy! Rosie could live with children 12 plus who are used to big bouncy dogs, she would love to play and have cuddles but may jump up and knock smaller children over.

Due to Rosie’s past she is looking for a pet free home. Rosie has unfortunately been attacked by dogs in the past, this has made her very worried and on occasion she will snap at other dogs.

Rosie has an incredibly high prey drive and has cleared a 6ft fence after rabbits before! Rosie must stay on a lead on a walk unless in an enclosed field. She can be strong on the lead but walks well on a halti or figure of 8.

Rosie is the most sweet and loving girl. She adores humans and loves nothing more than a cuddle, play and long walk. Rosie is an absolute Gem, she just needs someone to see past her troubled past. She does require some further training with dogs as she remains very worried by them and at times has snapped at another dog walking by. New owners must be prepared to own a reactive dog and understand that it will take further training and lots of time before she could interact with another dog, however she loves to meet new people and will happily be fussed all day!

This beautiful girl is looking for owners who want to go for nice long walks, who will play with her in the garden but most importantly she is looking for new owners who will love her and give her plenty of attention.

Could you be Rosie’s forever home?


Age: 7 years

Breed: weimerana Cross Irish water spaniel

Gender: Female

Can live with children: No

Can live with dogs: No

Can live with cats: No

Jess Aka Jessica Rabbit is a stunning chocolate weimerana Cross Irish water spaniel. This gorgeous girl has been searching for her forever home for a while now and hopes to find it soon. Jess is spayed, chipped and vaccinated.

Jess is a stunning girl who loves her walks and her time with her humans. Unfortunately due to owner error Jess does have a bite history, we are happy to discuss this further with potential adopters. Because of this Jess needs a child free, pet free home.

This beautiful girl is so loving and has so much potential. She is looking for owners who will continue her training. Since being in our care Jess has shown no aggression towards humans and is quite a loveable girl.

Jess could have dog friends, if muzzled and introduced correctly however would like a dog free home. Jess needs a home with a minimum of a 6ft fence. She is fun and affectionate, absolutely loves her food and is very food motivated; this makes training a little easier!!!

Jess is fully house trained and knows her basic commands although she does need to be on a lead unless in a private hire enclosed field!!

Despite her troubled past this beautiful girl is looking for her forever family who will love her despite her flaws.

Can you offer an active, child free, pet free home for this stunning girl?


Breed: Belgium Malinois

Gender: male

Age: 2 1/2

Can live with children: 12+

Can live with dogs: yes

Can live with cats: no

Can live with small furries: No

Leo is a handsome 2 year old Belgium Malionois. Leo has been in Foster care and absolutely thrived, he is now more than ready to find his forever home.

Leo is a typical Belgium Mali with a strong work drive and a lot of brain! Leo needs a home with working dog experience, with owners who want to do a lot with him. He needs a home with owners who can dedicate time each day to give him the mental stimulation he needs. He would excel at agility or obedience and has a fantastic working drive. Leo has thrived at scent work and would make a good search and rescue dog with the right training.

Leo has fantastic recall and is slowly getting better at loose lead walking. He is quick to pick up any form of training and can be left for a few hours.

Leo could live with sensible older children and could live with another dog although would like a cat free home.

Leo will only be rehomed to someone with dog experience who wants to do a lot with him. He is not a sit on the sofa all day Kind of dog. Any potential owners will need to have a good understanding of his breed and what he needs. He is an absolute love bug and loves to spend time with his owner. He is partial to a cuddle on the sofa. But being a Mali he needs a home who want to do a lot with a dog.

Could you offer Leo an active home?